The Millionaire Dog Club



Hello and welcome to The Millionaire Dog Club where your dog has the chance to become the next crypto millionaire.

Some may think this is a stupid idea. (Most of you remember the Pet Rock, it was 1975, and they charged $3.95 for that rock!)

We offer, among other rewards, to the highest ranking dog, the top prize of one million Shiba Inu crypto currency virtual coins. The winning dog will be feted as The Coolest Millionaire Dog of the Year.

And what better way to appreciate our canine friends than to mix what we humans love most: our dogs and free money.

Join us here at TMDC to choose the most deserving dog to get rich. You'll be able to finance generational wealth for all your pets to come. Your pooch can spend its money on flavorful treats and ritzy dog collars. Or you can convince it to save for its puppy's future education. Obedience training for their child sounds good.

15% of any profits earned will be split between various dog charities as voted on by club members. Review your choices in the News Section of this website. Also, you will have the opportunity to sign up as an affiliate, earning points toward free gear for each friend you direct to this site.

Sign up for free and cast your ballot for your favorites. Register your dogs in our contests. Just tell us why your dog deserves to be a millionaire.

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